Child Find

Every North Dakota child is like a snowflake, unique in his or her abilities, family heritage and potential to grow.  But some infants and children face special challenges in getting a good start in life. 
The West River Student Services Unit and regional School districts have designated the week of November 12-16, 2018 as Child Find Week in their communities.  Child Find was established through the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act to help identify infants and children with delays in growth and development who may need supports and/or services. 
It’s important that all parents keep track of their children’s growth and development.  Not all children do the same things at the same ages, but there are some general guidelines.  Does the child’s progress seem typical?  Are there signs for concern? 
Sometimes parents are too close to their own children to notice delays.  A friendly comment from a neighbor or relative may help them take the first steps toward getting help. 
If you are concerned that your child isn’t developing as quickly or doing the same things as others of his or her age, contact your local school principal or West River Student Services at (701) 483-1257.  A selective screening may be scheduled to help determine whether a delay is present.  If so, special activities or services may be offered to help your child grow, develop, and learn.  The sooner a child is identified, the sooner he or she can be helped.